Intel Hybrid Cloud Medical


Intel AppUp SMB Service is a comprehensive subscription-based service for accessing locally hosted server software on a monthly subscription basis. This solution scales with business growth, so small businesses pay only for the services they use.

With an innovative software delivery mechanism and a growing catalog of small business applications, the Intel AppUp SMB Service runs on the IntelĀ® Hybrid Cloud Platform, which features a scalable, pre-configured server with robust remote management capabilities. The Intel Hybrid Cloud Platform also includes the Intel Hybrid Cloud software, server, and management portal. The Intel AppUp SMB Service enables MSPs to deliver cloud benefits with flexibility, confidence and a better user experience for small business customers.

Core Services include:

  • The cloud-based software delivery mechanism
  • Monthly software usage monitoring/billing
  • Software license management
  • Access to a catalog of tested small business applications
  • Robust remote management capabilities
  • Access to monitor and maintain deployed servers through the management portal

Available Wireless Health Products

  • Aventyn CLIP Suite 2.0*
  • Aventyn Vitalbeat Remote Monitoring HF*

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