Storage Solutions

KWCG will protect and preserve your valuable business data

Today, data growth is skyrocketing and the basic requirements for electronic files are becoming increasingly complex. When electronic data management is not a core competency for your IT staff, a hosted storage-as-a-service solution is a smart strategy for protecting electronic assets while freeing up IT resources.

KWCG offers two storage solutions:

  • PC backup - automatic backup eliminates the risk of data loss from desktops or laptops
  • Server backup - automatic, offsite backups that are more secure and reliable than tape

The storage-as-a-service approach enables you to back up sensitive data automatically. Providing you peace of mind with no initial capital investment.

Enterprise Storage Solutions

KWCG's data storage and protection solutions provide a vendor-neutral approach to solving your business needs. This is done by ensuring you meet both compliance requirements and financial objectives.

KWCG uses an IT consulting method based on best practices in storage virtualization and data center consolidation. We also use data storage and protection, advanced network infrastructures, business continuity, and disaster recovery to deliver measurable gains in performance across the infrastructure. Experienced IT professionals at KWCG provide a continuity of services including analysis, design, implementation, management, and ongoing support.

Data storage and protection solutions

Our data storage and protection solutions cover disk-and tape-based technologies from multiple innovators. We integrate this into your data center to effectively achieve your greater business goals. KWCG will help you sort through product options and recommend those that align best with your needs. Our solutions include:

  • Remote site replication
  • Data de-duplication
  • Disk-based backup and recovery
  • Tape-based backup and recovery
  • Data protection software
  • Primary storage
  • Secondary storage
  • Scale-out storage
  • Scale-up storage
  • Archiving and eDiscovery

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