Support Contract Services

Do you know the status of your support contracts?

You are constantly responsible for keeping track of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of IT devices—including their support contracts and warranties. With so many devices, it’s easy to lose track of warranty expirations, support renewal dates, contract type, and where to go for help when a support issue comes up. Let KWCG help you.

Our dedicated support contract administrators offer:

  • Onsite Audit — We will conduct a physical inventory and prepare a complete listing that includes support contract numbers, equipment serial numbers, warranties, and physical locations
  • Tiered Support — Identify your mission-critical and non-critical assets to ensure their contracts provide the appropriate support level
  • Co-Termination Adjustments — Modify vendor support contracts with multiple expirations to end and renew on the same day of the year
  • Renewal Notification — Notify you at least 60 days in advance of upcoming renewal and expiration dates so that equipment purchased from sources other than KWCG
  • Liaison Services — Ensure that you know how to contact vendors for support, and that they provide you with prompt and efficient technical assistance. We can also offer escalation services based on premiere status as a service provider
  • Contract Management Services — Monitor equipment relocations, additions, and changes and update the information within the vendor contract databases

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